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The Cover Loft fabricates many small covers for your convenience including burgee covers, chair covers, console covers, fender covers, grill covers, handrail covers, instrument covers, interior curtains, motor covers, privacy screens, seat covers, step pads, table covers, weather cloths, windshield covers, and anything else you need! 
Most of the items are custom and we would need to fit them to your boat, but motor covers, winch covers, and grill covers are made standard and can be ordered by long distance customers. Send us your measurements by email and we can custom make your burgee covers. We can duplicate or repair your existing covers if they fit well. Just mail them to us! Motor Cover sizes are listed below and made from Sunbrella® fabric with a drawstring. 

Engine Covers: Width x Length x Height
  Small      11" x 19" x 12"    Up to 6 h.p.     $ 30.00
  Medium  16" x 19" x 14"    Up to 24 h.p.   $ 35.00
  Large      15" x 30" x 16"   Up to 60 h.p.   $ 40.00
  X Large   16" x 30" x 21"   Up to 115 h.p. $ 45.00
  2X Large 17" x 30" x 35"   Up to 115 h.p. $ 55.00
  3X Large 25" x 35" x 30"   Up to 250 h.p. $ 75.00

Handrail covers come in sizes from 13” with one loop to 103” with 10 loops and cost $10 per foot. Give us your Sunbrella® color and we will custom make your cover! Protect your teak rails and make them maintenance free from sun and dirt damage. Our handrail covers snap into place in seconds!

Grill Covers are available in two sizes. The Magma grill is an elliptical grill, and is made from Sunbrella® fabric with a drawstring. 
   Grill Cover - MAGMA / Standard round 14.5 in. diameter $ 39.00
   Grill Cover - MAGMA / Party size round 17 in. diameter $ 49.00

To maintain your canvas and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our canvas and glass care information.