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The Cover Loft manufactures a full line of canvas products. Dodgers consist of isinglass, which is a clear or tinted vinyl referred to as "glass", that makes a see through window or panel in your canvas. We offer 30 gauge, 40 gauge glass, or Strataglass®. You can customize your dodger's height and width as well as handrails on the side(s) and back with reinforcement where necessary. Frames and installation are included in the price. Add a connector, from your dodger to your bimini, for maximum coverage, wings, or window covers on your dodger for protection. We manufacture dodgers to your specifications and fit to your boat, if you are located in the Maryland area. Due to our high quality and custom fitting, we do not produce dodgers out of our service area. Send your measurements for us to estimate the cost of repairing your dodger's isinglass.To maintain your canvas and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our canvas and glass care information.