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The Cover Loft is a full service custom canvas shop. Annapolis' oldest and best offers custom design and fabrication of almost anything! We have been in business for 30 years and our experience shows in our top quality products and customer satisfaction. We custom fabricate all kinds of dodgers, biminis, sail covers, miscellaneous small and large covers, bags, interior and exterior cushions, or anything else you might want covered!

We can manufacture a custom fit sailcover to your specifications whether you are a local or long distance customer. Submit your measurements via email or contact us and we can give you an estimate.

We custom fit to your needs. We can give you an estimate on time and materials to replace your isinglass. For cushions we offer many fabrics at our store for local customers, including ultraleather which is very soft, easy to clean, and functional! Sunbrella is a dyed acrylic and is very durable. It offers a variety of colors, stripes, and textures, including a Furniture Fabric line, Comfort Sling, and Jacquards.P hifertex® is a vinyl mesh screen and is recommended for the bottom of all exterior cushions. Sunsure® is a thicker mesh that can be used with the closed cell foam.Vinyl is a fine option, but it needs Phifertex® on the bottom when used for exterior cushions to allow it to drain. There are several ways to attach cushions including Velcro, snaps, screws, and studs. Email or call with your needs and we can give you an estimate no matter where you are located. If your cushions fit perfectly send then to us to duplicate!

Our staff is experienced and quality is of utmost importance. 
We reinforce all of our covers, use double stitching, and only the best materials. U-zips, extra glass area, zipper pockets for easy removal, and custom frames are offered for your comfort and satisfaction. Let us help you design and make your cover to your specifications! 
Our rapid repair service is a cost effective way to get the most out of your canvas whether you are a local or long distance customer.

We also offer a variety of products including hardware for doing your own projects, interior and exterior foamsisinglassfabric accessories like zippers, snaps, needles, grommets, Velcro® etc., and a large variety of fabrics like Sunbrella®, Stamoid®, Phifertex®, Sunsure®/Textilene®, Cotton Duck, Hull Liner, Nautolex®, Weblon®, Topgun®, and vinyls.

To maintain your canvas and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our maintenance supplies and canvas and glass care information.

Check out the photo gallery for samples of our work, boat show and magazine features, our process in the shop, or to find a style cover that fits your needs.