The Cover Loft offers a variety of products including many maintenance supplies, lots of hardware for doing your own projects, interior and exterior foams, isinglass and Strataglass®, fabric accessories like zippers, snaps, needles, grommets, and Velcro etc. for your custom canvas needs.                                                                                                      
We also offer a large variety of fabrics like Sunbrella®, Stamoid®, Phifertex®, Sunsure®/TEXTILENE®, Cotton Duck, Hull Liner, Nautolex®, Weblon®, Topgun®, and vinyls.
Maintain your canvas, glass, zippers, and hardware, prolong its life, and get the most out of your money by following some easy maintenance steps. See canvas and glass care for tips on cleaning and maintainance. See below for details on products you can order.
Use 303 Fabric Guard® is endorsed by Sunbrella®. 303 Fabric Guard® is a fluorocarbon based re-treatment product for all natural and synthetic fabrics including silks, wool, suede, nubuck and more. It has superior water and staining repellency and will eliminate or minimize mildew problems. It also contains a UV screening agent to retard fading and degradation. 303 Fabric Guard® is easy to apply to clean canvas. One 15.2 ounce aerosol can treats up to 100 square feet of canvas and a gallon covers up to 800 sq. ft.
Aquatech® is recommended for use on Stratglass® and is a cleaner and polisher in one. Aquatech® creates a great watershed and helps eliminate static cling.
Aqua-Tite® is a silicone- based water repellant for flame resistant fabrics, acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester, and cotton blends. A gallon of Aqua-Tite® covers a minimum of 200 sq. ft. and can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on.
Plexus® is a fantastic plastic cleaner, protector, and polisher all-in-one and it is what we use at our shop! Plexus® cleans and seals the pores in plastic surfaces with a micro—thin layer of shiny, protective wax, which makes the surface resistant to debris, oil, scratches, and yellowing. Anti-static properties repel lint and dust. This is super for marine windows/isinglass.
Sheila Shine® is for cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel.
Silicone Spray helps to keep your zippers and hardware like snaps lubricated. This will prevent your zipper’s teeth from getting dry and breaking off.
Zippy Cool® is a great 2-part kit that will help prolong your zipper life. Apply the cleaning fluid to the zipper and then lubricate it with a wax system! For use on all zippers.
Replacing your hardware or doing your product and installing hardware is easy. See our hardware products and feel free to contact us for anything else you might need. We carry snap installation tools, adjustable mooring poles, adjustable straps in custom colors, windshield clips, snap hooks, adjustable buckles, quick release pins, eye straps, jaw slides, split jaw slides, deck mounting hinges with a nylon pad, angled deck mounting hinge, concave rail hinges, eye ends, D-rings, slide track and Keder welt, stanchions or anything else. See the pictures below to find the item you need.
We carry snap installation tools that include a Pres-N-Snap hand action tool for closing grommets and setting button fasteners. The tool comes with No.1 grommet and button dies. There are attachments available to install other hardware.
Adjustable mooring poles open to 70" overall and collapse to 40 5/8". Each has a 2 1/2" long swayed tip designed for No.3 grommet or larger.
We offer adjustable straps in custom colors and lengths as well as other hardware items. Call us or stop in!
We have hundreds of fabric and material samples at our shop. For your convenience, The Cover Loft offers several lines of Sunbrella®, including solids in 46" and 60", stripes, Sunbrella Plus, the furniture line including solids, linens, stripes, jacquards, Comfort Sling®, and 46" stripes.
Stamoid, Phifertex, Phifertex Plus, Sunsure, Cotton Duck, Hull Liner, Weblon, Topgun, Voyager, and a variety of vinyls are also available to view online. Contact us with any other fabric needs that are not listed.
Some favorites are the chenille and ultrasuede collections shown here.
To maintain your canvas, fabrics, and glass as well as prolonging its life, see our canvas and glass care information.
Sunbrella is a dyed acrylic that comes in a 46" width and some colors also come in a 60" width. Look for the item number’s first two digits to tell the widths available. Sunbrella has excellent fade and weather resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. It is about 9.25 ounces per square yard and is available in solids and their furniture line including linens, Comfort Sling®, jacquards, and 46" stripes. Sunbrella Plus is available in 60" and has a polyurethane back-coating. Sunbrella® fabrics have many applications with canvas, cushions, or many other covers. Sunbrella® comes with a 5 year limited warranty.
Stamoid is a super marine fabric made of polyester with a vinyl coating. It is used for many applications including biminis, dodgers, convertible tops, tower and tee tops, enclosures, cockpit covers, mooring covers, awnings, sprayhoods, and more. It can withstand climate changes from hot to cold to wet. Stamoid is available in superlight weight in both 59" and 80" widths and double coated in a 59" and 80" width. Stamoid comes with a 5 year limited warranty. We also have Stamoid® bias and facing trims.
Phifertex is a 54” wide vinyl mesh. It has about a 70% shade factor It weighs about 11.7 oz. per square yard. Phifertex® is super for casual furniture, awnings, enclosure screens, bags, and many other applications where a strong, colorful, mesh fabric is needed. Phifertex® is used on the bottom of our cushions to allow air and/or water through and to avoid mildewing. Phifertex® is also available in stripes and jaquards. Phifertex Plus is a mesh similar to Sunsure/TEXTILENE® with a 90% shade factor and is available in solid colors and a 54" width.
Sunsure is a TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fiber that comes in a 54” width and provides a 90% shade factor and is a vinyl mesh. It is also a good choice for casual furniture and screens where privacy is a concern.
The Cover Loft also offers a large variety of other quality vinyls. Weblon is a polyester fabric with a 61” width Rain Kleen® finish on the weather side that will resist dirt and age. It is waterproof, mildew resistant, lightweight, and strong. Weblon® is a good choice for boom awnings, bimini, sun, navy, and convertible tops, curtains, dodgers, enclosures, cushions, mooring, and protective covers.
Topgun is a marine polyester in a 64"width and is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. Day after day, year after year it survives like a champ through the seasons of wind, rain and snow. It is available in 16 beautiful colors. The special acrylic coating will not crack or peel.
Cotton Duck is 100% cotton numbered duck and comes in widths from 22 to 144 inches. 100 yards are in a roll. Numbers 2/0, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 are available in rolls. Number 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 are available by the yard.
Hull liner is a hard to find fabric and we have several kinds. Different textures are available for a new look! Polypropylene is the standard fiber.
The Cover Loft offers a full line of foam choices with different densities. Online we show three of the most popular foams: exterior drain dry foam, exterior closed cell foam, and interior foam.
To maintain your canvas and fabrics as well as prolonging its life, see our canvas and glass care information.
Exterior drain dry foam allows water to run through it. It does not absorb water and is excellent for when you don't always want to bring in the cushions. It is recommended that a Phifertex® vinyl mesh, is the fabric on the bottom side of the cushion to allow the water to drain. Drain dry does break down in the UV rays if it is directly exposed.
Exterior closed cell foam does not soak up water, and it floats, but it is a very dense surface and is harder than a drain dry foam.
Interior angel foam comes in many different densities, but a general, durable interior foam is offered. This foam is not meant to get wet but is very comfortable to sit and sleep on.
We also offer aquabatton which is a thin layer of batting that fills out interior cushions nicely and gives them a rounded look while also making them soft to sit on. It comes in different firmness and thickness (3.5-5 in.).
The Cover Loft offers many accessories including zippers, a variety of threads, snaps/studs, snap installation tools, lift the dots/studs, turn buttons/eyelets, needles, grommets, Velcro®, binding and anything else you may need for your project or to replace on your canvas.
To maintain your canvas, hardware, and accessories, as well as prolonging its life, see canvas and glass care information.
The Cover Loft offers YKK Vislon® zippers in number 5 and 10 sizes. They are extremely strong and lightweight, but they differ from regular zippers because the teeth are made from Delrin® and the tape is polyester. The Vislon® zipper is corrosions resistant, is self lubricating (although we recommend some preventative maintenance) and is resistant to heat and cold. We offer both separating and non-separating zippers as well a variety of sliders. We carry white and black zippers and can special order colors.
We offer a variety of thread including polyester and Tenara® thread. Tenara® is a Gore-Tex® product that will not break down under exposure to sunlight, cold, friction, cleaning agents, saltwater, fuel or anything else. Invest in this thread and your thread will outlive your canvas! Threads come in ½ pound, and 1 pound spools in many colors.
We carry snap installation tools that include a Pres-N-Snap hand action tool for closing grommets and setting button fasteners. The tool comes with no.1 grommet and button dies. There are attachments available to install other hardware.
See the hardware shown for lift the dots, snaps, and turn buttons.
Grommets and washers in a variety of sizes and metals are also offered.
Velcro® hook and loop fastener is a terrific way to hold fabrics together or onto a boat. It creates a highly versatile, adjustable, and secure closure. The woven tape fastener has two strips that lock. The hook is covered with stiff little hooks, and the loop is covered with tiny soft loops. Velcro® can be opened and closed thousands of times, is snag proof, jam-proof, lightweight, and washable. It can be stuck, cemented, sewn, stapled, or mailed. There is pressure sensitive that has a sticky back or a standard back tape. 1-2” widths are available in black and white and sold by the yard.
The Cover Loft offers binding in many colors to match your Sunbrella® canvas. Different sizes are available in 100 yard spools.
Clear vinyl, isinglass, or glass as it is commonly referred to in our industry is able to replaced to prolong your canvas life.
The Cover Loft offers several kinds of glass including 30 gauge roll glass and sheet glass, 40 gauge sheet glass, and Strataglass® available in sheets. Strataglass® is a scratch resistant, UV blocking, coated 40 mil. Pressed polish vinyl. It is extremely clear and resists yellowing and scratches.
Email us your measurements and details and we can give you an estimate for the cost of repairing your cover with isinglass in it and restitching.
For your canvas and glass maintenance see the canvas and glass care section of our site.